Sky Broadband Number 0843 455 0069.

Sky Broadband Contact Number

Sky Broadband vows to never slow down your internet speeds. This promise does not waiver, even during peak times or when utilising a hot-spot. To order broadband service.


Unlimited boasts an unlimited usage internet plan. It includes the broadband Hub, the company’s leading wireless router. When bundled with a TV box, Talk, and Line Rental, it costs £7.50 per month and grants the user free weekend calls to any UK number, a free 12-month subscription to McAfee Internet Security Suite, and free unlimited access cloud WiFi hotspots. Set up is free, and the accompanying Broadband Shield allows the user to set limits regarding what websites will be accessible in his or her home. Broadband Unlimited is available to homes with BT compatible phone lines. Homes without BT compatible phones can check their eligibility by using the Postcode Checker on Sky’s website.

Fibre Unlimited.

Fibre Unlimited (up to 38 or 76 Mb, depending on the chosen plan) grants the user the ability to multitask, downloading, streaming, and sharing files simultaneously. It is available for £20 when the user’s subscription includes Sky Talk and Line Rental. Internet usage is unlimited, and it includes wireless Hub, free weekend calls to any UK number, online tech support, free access to Sky’s Cloud WiFi, and a free 12-month subscription to McAfee Internet Security Suite. 6 months at half price is available to those who switch their internet and phone service to Sky. Phone service is mandatory for Fibre Unlimited customers and can be obtained by calling the Sky broadband contact number. It is available to more than 50% of the households in the UK.


sky broadbandBroadband Lite gives the user a 2GB a month internet allowance and is recommended for homes with light internet usage. Lite is free in conjunction with a TV package, Talk, and Line Rental program and includes a broadband Hub, free weekend calls to any UK number, and a free 3 month trial of McAfee Internet Security Suite. There is a £60 set up free for the Lite service, and it must be paired with a Sky TV subscription. If a household goes over its maximum usage allotment, a letter will be sent to notify the user. If the situation occurs twice within a 6 month period, we reserves the right to upgrade a user’s account to the next usage platform.

We have the fastest internet speeds in the UK for the lowest prices. Customers should use their website or the Sky broadband contact number to determine their eligibility for their chosen internet or bundled subscription.

Sky Broadband Contact Number
0843 455 0069.

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