Why Choose Sky

Sky Number 0843 455 0069.

Sky phone numberSky provides entertainment, broadband, and telephone service to over 11 million households and businesses in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Sky provides it’s nearly 10.5 million customers with digital television, broadband services, on demand video, and streaming content. Service can be established either online or by calling the Sky contact number.

SKY Streaming Content.

Sky Go is a broadband service that gives customers the opportunity to watch on demand videos on up to two laptops, game consoles, or mobile devices for free. For just £5 a month, the Sky Go Extra program would extend that to 4 devices unlock even more downloadable content that can be enjoyed wherever, whenever.

SKY On Demand.

A healthy selection of current television shows, comedy, and sports is available for instant viewing. Additionally, TV box sets are available, as well as movies and international programming.

SKY Broadband.

There are many internet subscription packages available to Sky customers. These packages have speeds of 16Mb, 38Mb, and 76Mb, respectively. Wireless routers are provided for free. Each package also includes Broadband Shield, a parental guidance tool to help monitor Internet sites are available in the customer’s home. A free trial subscription to MacAfee Antivirus Software is also provided, as well as thousands of WiFi hotspots. Additionally, Sky offers Sky Talk and Sky Rental Lines to keep their customers connected by phone as well as by the internet.

SKY Digital Television.

Sky offers a wide variety of television subscription bundles. Programming included varies from bundle to bundle, but over-the-air television, drama, comedies, music, and sports are available to the customer. Sky Sports offers six channels devoted to golf, rugby, Formula 1 racing, football, professional wrestling, cricket, and much more. Special upgrades to the Sports package include channels devoted entirely to United or Chelsea football. Many high definition channels are available, as well as Europe’s first all 3D channel. Premium packages can be ordered by calling the Sky contact number.

SKY’s Award Winning Service.

Technology and cost aside, Sky has been recognised for its award-winning service. At the 2014 uSwitch Awards, Sky was named the Best TV Streaming Service, Best TV Provider, Best Broadband, TV, and Home Phone, and Best Customer Benefits.

Sky offers clients in the United Kingdom and Ireland cost effective and high tech video, broadband, and telephone services, as well as exemplary and award-winning customer service. To order any of the aforementioned services, call the Sky contact number and join one of the 11 million households already enjoying technology provided by Sky.

Sky Phone Number 0843 455 0069.

Sky phone Number