Sky Talk 0843 455 0069.

Sky Talk Contact Number

Sky Talk is a subsidiary of Sky Broadband. It provides customers with telephone service, often at a discounted price when combined with another Sky service. There are several plans available that are suitable whether the customer is a regular phone user or merely an occasional one. A customer representative is available to aid any decision when the Sky customer service team is dialled.

Sky Talk Weekends.

Sky Talk Weekends is the base phone plan offered by Sky Broadband. It is free with a customer’s Sky Line Rental, which is priced at £15.40 a month. This plan includes free calls to UK landlines on weekends only. Additionally, reduced rates to UK mobile devices and out of country landlines are available.

Sky Talk Anytime UK.

Sky Talk Anytime UK offers unlimited calls to UK landlines every day of the week. 0845 and 0870 numbers are included. Affordable rates are also available when calls are placed to UK cell phones. This plan is an extra £5 per month on top of the £15.40 per month Sky Line Rental. Available now is also Sky Mobile

Sky Talk Anytime International.

Sky Talk’s plan with the most options is the Anytime International plan. For only £10 per month, customers can place unlimited landline calls not only to the UK but to 50 additional countries. Countries include, but are not limited to, the United States of America, Canada, and Hong Kong. The £15.40 monthly Sky Line Rental fee also applies.

Switching to Sky Talk.

Transferring from another phone provider to Sky Talk is simple. The first step is to call the Sky Talk contact number, and their staff—The Sky Switch Squad—will assist them. In most cases, the customer does not even have to contact your original provider; the Switch Squad will do it for them!

The length of time between the initial call for service and the actual switch relies heavily on the customer’s original provider. If the customer already has a working broadband phone line, it should take two weeks to process the order. After the switch, a loss of dial tone for five minutes and the inability to receive incoming calls for 20 minutes is normal. If the customer has no phone line or is using a cable-based phone service, a technician will be scheduled for an on-site switch. In this case, the wait time depends on technician availability.

New Sky Talk customers have a variety of questions for the Switch Squad. The most frequently asked involves the ability to keep their current number after the transition. New customers are able to transfer their current number to Sky Talk, no matter the original provider.

Sky Talk makes it easy and affordable to install and use broadband telephone services. Several plans are available to accommodate a variety of customer needs, and The Sky Switch Squad is available 24 hours a day by calling the Sky talk contact number.

Sky Customer Service 0843 455 0069.

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Sky Talk Contact Number 0843 455 0069.

Sky Talk Contact Number