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sky tv contact numberSky TV.

Sky TV is a satellite television company that serves the UK and Ireland. Powered by the Sky Box, which can be obtained by calling the Sky customer service team, bringing affordable television to homes in its service areas since 1989.


Sky TV has a variety of packages available and offers an array of channels. At least 71 of those channels are available in HD if the customer’s Sky’s package includes the Sky HD pack. Or call SKY Customer Service and get HD TV now.

Sky Box.

The Sky box powers Sky TV. There are several options for customers so they can purchase a box that is both in their price range and compatible with the subscription package they have chosen. The Sky HD Multiscreen box is typically free with a customer’s initial subscription and offers the lowest level of programming. The Sky+ box begins at £199 and offers more channel options. The Sky+ HD box is also £199 and offers an array of HD programming channels. The Sky+ HD 2TB box is available for £249 and offers a wider range of HD programming. The installation fee for all boxes is £60.

Sky Atlantic.

Sky Atlantic offers more than 35 entertainment channels and numerous free to air channels. DVR capabilities are present, so programs can be recorded, paused, or rewound, even in real time.

Sky Go and Sky Go Extra.

Sky Go allows customers to watch a number of channels from up to two laptops or mobile devices. It is available to all Sky TV customers for free, no matter which programming package is chosen. Upgrading to Sky Go Extra is free for the first two months, then £5 a month after that. Unlike regular Sky Go, Sky Go Extra can be used on up to 4 different laptops or mobile devices. Customers can also download TV programs to watch at their leisure.

Sky Multiscreen.

Sky Multiscreen allows up to 4 devices, connected via wifi, to access Sky TV programming. It can be used with any type of Sky box for £11.95 a month after the £60 set-up and installation fee for the box. Sky Go Extra is also included, free of charge.

On Demand.

sky on-demandSky’s On Demand service allows customers to watch DVD box sets, catch up on current TV shows, and watch hundreds of free and rentable movies. To start using On Demand, the Sky+HD box needs to be connected to a broadband router. If the box and router reside in different rooms, Sky TV’s On Demand Connector syncs them wirelessly. The On Demand Connector is available for £21.95.

Sky Customer Service 0843 455 0069.

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